Apung is an electrical engineering with a passion for photography.  He was born in 1966, in Indonesia, in a small city in the Island of Sulawesi, called Palopo, where he currently lives.  He began photography as a hobby in the early 2000’s and soon he shown to be very talented.

The main subject of Apung´s pictures is the landscape of his beautiful island, associated with some moments of the daily life where fishermen becomes protagonists.

He captures images with a minimal look that, at the same time, have a very powerful meaning.  He believes that “photography is a universal language” and he aims to communicate a positive message.

In this exhibition, Land-Escape, Freedom is the main message that Apung is sending.  Escape from the everyday, tedious life, run towards the adventure, into the unknown, represented by the rarefied nature, the greatness of the ocean.


Diptych Blue_Apung

As a part of the exhibition Land-Escape of Indonesian photographer Apung, this picture, Diptych Blue, rappresent a moment of the everyday life of a fisherman.
The blue sky in the background, rapresenting freedom, is in opposition with the black image of the fisherman who seems to be trapped in the net of the boat, which rapresents his job.
Dimention: H. 66 cm, W. 100 cm
Price: 2500$

Trapped in the Escape_Apung

As a part of the Land-Escape collection by Indonesian photographer Apung, this picture rapresents the theme of the escape. A man, seen from the back, going towards a not well defined dimention. The choice of Black & White makes this image more powerful and drammatic.
Dimentions: H. 66 – W. 56
Price: 1800$


As a piece of the collection Land-Escape, this photography shows a glimpse of the Indonesian sea. The perfect silence of the infinitum, rapresented by the immensity of the sea connected to the sky, is interruped only by a few pieces of wood and some rocks in the backgound. They seems to be abandoned there. Alone. Lost.
Dimentions: H. 45 – W. 75 Cm
Price: 1850$


A piece of wood, once a tree, a few boats in the back. The sky. The sea.
The immensity.
A glimpse of landscape that is an escape for the artist.
Dimentions: W. 100 cm – H. 63 cm
Price: 2100$

Escape II_Apung.jpeg Escape V_Apung Escape VII_Apung Escape_The End_Apung Escape_to the end_Apung Escape_Trapped_Apung Landscape II_Apung Landscape III_Apung Landscape V_Apung Landscape_Apung Landscape_Lokasi - Paotere_Makassar_Apung Landscape_Man on The Beach_Kuta Beach_Bali_Indonesia_Apung Landscape_The lost trail_Apung Landscape_VI_Apung Rarefaction_Apung Escape IV_Apung

Art, Photography

“Land-Escape: the pursue of freedom in rarefied surroundings”, by Indonesian photographer Apung.


Excellence is a habit

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle ~

Fashion, Photography

Excellence is a habit


Magic Sphere's Reflections

A drop of water, a ball of soap, a ball of glass or metal.

Reflecting the Sunset, reflecting the Beach, reflecting the City.

Reflecting the Infinitum.

Sphere, a perfectly rounded geometrical shape, with a touch of magic in it.

Photo credit: Apung Bekeja et Al.

Art, Nature, Photography

Magic Sphere’s Reflections


Spectacular Moon

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.”

~ W. Clement Stone ~

Spectacular  portraits of the moon, in gorgeous natural environment or in perspective with other elements, creating fun and interesting images.


Photo credits: Manoel Freitas et al.

Nature, Photography

Spectacular Moon


Rose: a Black & White interpretation by Demarchelier

Another spectacular composition by french photographer Demarchelier:  just few elements, an over-sized white rose and a nude model, to portrait elegance, charm, and beauty, with a touch of mystery too.

See more at:  Dior Couture by Demarchelier: the Dream

And:  Dior Couture by Demarchelier: Black and White Dream

Fashion, Photography

Rose: a Black & White interpretation by Demarchelier


Ildiko Neer 5

Ildiko Neer, a photographer from Budapest, started taking photos in 2009 and after a few years she already has many astonishing pictures  of beautiful natural environments gathered all together in the series called “Dreamland”.

Amazing colors, impressive landscapes and enigmatic paths are the main signature of her photography: “My pictures express the feelings and moods that I felt during my trips in the last few years. If I try to imagine myself, I see someone walking on the road straight to the light…In the dreamland that I create, I feel myself at home.  I belong to the forest.  I am under big trees, waiting for the miracle to begin.”

Art, Nature, Photography

Dreamland: Ildiko Neer photography