A Clock for every time!

Creative and Modern Wall Clocks

‘I am always late on principle, my principle being that punctuality is the thief of time.’ – Oscar Wilde

Are you always late? There is a Clock for you. Do you like cats, music, or even math? A clock for you as well!

Here you can find some fun and quite stylish clocks to add a touch of design to your house!

DCI Matte Black Powder Coated Metal Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock

Happy Black Cat Wall and Table Clock Ashton Sutton Wooden and Glass Musical Clef Shaped Wall Clock clock design

And last, but not least, in Osaka, Japan, in the Station City there is an astonishing dot matrix water clock, that shows the time as well as beautiful complex graphics, all with drops of falling water. (Watch the video)

Water clock light and water combination_Osaka_Japan

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