No Limits, No Photoshop: Acey Harper

Acrobats, muscles, concentration, nude, these are the elements that characterize this series of photos by American photographer Acey Harper. His photography is an homage to the body and its numerous possibilities, pushed up to the limit: powerful positions in perfect balance, unusual and sometimes surprising surroundings, everything combined with black and white texture in an harmonious mix of light and shadow.

Acey is son of a rodeo cowboy, and he spent his early age in the Bahama Islands with his grandfather, a deep-sea fisherman and treasure hunter. He spent many years traveling the world as a photojournalist and working as a director of photography in New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.. Acey now lives in Sausalito, California and spend his time between his photography and the beach.

Acey Harper says about his photos: ” They evoked a mood, an energy, a magical feeling. It was the idea of seeing the unexpected. She (the acrobat, ndr.) became part of the landscape and it became an extension of her. I realized I wanted to make photographs in the world, outside of the performance space and in the forests, deserts, beaches and cities. I realized I was seeking a rhythm of juxtaposition. There are three important elements to creating these images – person, light and location. But, they each needed to compliment the other, to become a layer within the image, each perfectly juxtaposed over the other. So, it was not enough to have a person doing some incredible feat with their body, it had to be in a place, a location that echoes the movement or shape or energy of their body and finally, it had to have the emotion of that movement or shape embodied by the light. I wanted to have a sense of the unreal or ethereal and that often meant perfect light, even if it meant returning on another day to have that light. Each element had to emulate the rhythm of the other.”


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Body without Limits: Acey Harper’s Photography


3 thoughts on “Body without Limits: Acey Harper’s Photography

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  2. betsy macdowell says:

    Acey Harper, a genius with the lens, an eye for beauty, and the intelligence to bring all of these qualities together…….I am and will always be….Amazed !!!!! Betsy Walden

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