Illumination? Creative Lamp Designs

Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself. – Desiderius Erasmus –

Here a few of ideas for lighting your house in a different way.

The “Nuke Lamp”, an alluring table lamp that is shaped like a mushroom cloud explosion, was created by Italian industrial designer Luca Veneri, using 3D printing technologies.

“Oyula” by Sergio Silva, portuguese-born, brooklyn based industrial designer, is an intriguing light piece that transforms contemporary light bulbs into tradition oil lamps. Normally lamps are filled with a filament that illuminates from the inside, while this is filled with paraffin oil and a fiber glass wick producing light in a more primitive way, through fire. This permits the lamp to work even during a blackout.

The “Memento lamp”, designed by Hiroshi Yoneya and Yumi Masuko for design collective Tonerico, is A minimal lighting fixture from Japan and it casts a dramatic shadow of numeric shapes.

“Brainchild” of Brazilian designer Rafael Morgan “The Light Drop”. This watery light features a tap oozing out of a big drop of lighted water. It is also possible to control the illumination by turning around the tap.

As interesting design concept, you might also like the Love me, Love me Not Table and A Clock fo every time!

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Illumination? Creative Lamp Designs


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